Welcome to the Geek Page of Amy B. W. Sherwin
About Me:
I am a geek that is bored.  So I
am making a website. It is filled
with all sorts of geeky things -
some not so geeky.

I am also a complete sugar
junkie that does not sleep like a
normal person.  I must get up
several times in the middle of the
night to eat cookies.
The International Space
Station at sunrise
Me Breaking a Brick!!!
The Least Geeky of My Interests:
Xel - ha - Cancun Mexico
Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany
More Geeky of My Interest
Favorite Books:

In my opinion the best sci fi ever written:
DUNE - Frank Herbert
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

Favorite Authors:
Sci Fi - Orson Scott Card
 Anne McCaffrey
Romance  - Linda Howard
Elizabeth Lowell
Sara Donati
Tear-Jerkers - Nicolas Sparks
Harry Potter - J. Rowling Another Harry Potter Website

Books with the most effect on me recently:
I am in a phase of reading for pleasure and not for
intense thought.
Trail Ridge Road - Colorado
Algonquin Park - Ontario Canada
The Insanely Geeky stuff:
A Very Emotional
Event in My Life
I have three dogs.  One is a mutt that may be a greyhound mix
named Bonnie.  She is my wild child.  The second is a
Rottweiler/Shepard Mix named Jetta. She is a big chicken but
adorable. And last but not least, Fly, a border collie that likes to
watch TV.

I also have two  fish tanks.  One is a 40 gallon corner tank.  The
other is a small 10 gallon tank.  Both just have cheap tropical fish.
Ongoing Obsessions:
Reading - I will read anything people recommend - I find a lot of
good stuff this way and read a lot of stuff that I wouldn't normally
pick up.
Japanese Comics - Ranma 1/2, Dragonball, Dragonball Z
Comics in General - Baby Blues, Rose is Rose, Fox Trot, For
Better or For Worse, Calvin etc..
Travel - Next trip - unknown
Jigsaw Puzzles - The harder the better - regular ones are ok
Kinder Eggs -  www.kindersurprise.org.uk
Video Games - Turn Based RPGs.
Previous Obsessions:
Golf - I still love it but don't play
Best Scores: 18 holes - 85; 9 holes -39
Favorire Courses: Far Oaks - Very Expensive
Eagle Lakes - Good and Affordable
Art Bell
Pokemon - This falls in the catagory of Japanese comics
Star Trek - Conventions, Books, the whole bit
Dr. Who
Favorite Pizza Toppings:
Italian Sausage
Fresh Mushrooms
Favorite Pizza:
Papa Johns
Favorite Restuarants:
India Palace
Bartolino's Asteria
Dewey's Pizza
El Indio
B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical
Engineering from
University in St. Louis

M.Ed  from Regis University
Rules for Life:.
Do what you can to help other people
Pizza should be eaten and enjoyed.
Be brave and honest.
Love like you have never been hurt.
Chocolate is a basic food group.
Be kind.
Assume people have good intentions
even when they do something stupid.
Let people be who they are - don't try to
make them into something they are not.
Try to be better each day.
Employment - Currently:
Laclede Gas Company - Project
Engineer II - Utilization Engineering
Washington University - Grader - ME
581 and ME 582 Air Conditioning
Systems 1 and
Pictures of my trip to Africa - Link
Pictures of my trip to France - Link
Pictures of my trip to Costa Rica - Link
Countries I have  visited: England, Canada, Mexico, France,
Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, China, Russia, Mongolia, Costa Rico,
Austria, Egypt, Peru, England, Korea, Japan,
Places I would like to go:   All of Europe, Antartica, South Africa,
Angel Falls, Victoria Falls, Morroco, Taj Mahal, the great barrier
reef, Turkey, the Silk Road, Nepal, Tibet.
Next Trip:  Unkown

Martial Arts
I am studying Chinese Kempo.

Officer and A Gentleman, American President, High Road to
China, Ghandi, Gattaca, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, American
Dreamer, Shadowlands, Cold Comfort Farm, Out of Africa,
Shining Through, Legally Blounde, Chocolat, Billy Elliot, Harry
Potter and many more.

When I am traveling to an appropriate place.  So far I have
snorkled in Mexico, Costa Rico, Florida, Texas,Egypt and Hawaii.
I think I have always
been intense or maybe
just opinionated and
My husband and I at Versailles!!
East Africa - Safari
Favorite Places I Have
My Hubby: He is very sweet and cute.